Abraham Boche, local comedian

Martha interviews the local comedian, Abraham Boche, who frequently visits Boyle Heights to visit his friends and create his art.

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In his interview, Abraham talks about what it’s like living in Los Angeles, his favorite people, places, and memories in Boyle Heights, and tells us more about the art of stand-up comedy. Abraham uses his gift of comedic storytelling to liven up the mood of his community and encourage those around him to feel laughter, warmth, and relatability. During his conversation with Martha Escudero, we get a sense of what the neighborhood of Boyle Heights means to him.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
‍What are your favorite places in Boyle Heights?
‍Definitely have to be the food joints...I like to go to Mariachi Plaza because they have a lot of good food there and they play live music. I've actually done a few comedy shows there at the plaza... It's a fun place to visit where there's a lot of raza and all types of races that come together for music, culture, food, fun, arts and crafts." - Abraham Boche