Alicia Godinez

An interview with Alicia Godinez, a community health advocate in Boyle Heights.

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After migrating from her home of Michoacan, Mexico, Alicia has been living in the neighborhood for over 30 years. While raising her children in Boyle Heights, Alicia developed a passion for empowering her community through disseminating important information and knowledge around various facets of health and safety. She began her work as a community health advocate by volunteering as a parent at the school that her children attended, helping teachers promote and share information about student health and illness prevention. The work that Alicia dedicates herself to within her community has become more critical than ever before throughout the global pandemic.

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I started going to school with [my children] ... I volunteered with the English and Spanish teachers to help them with my children. I started helping them with the workshops ... and I took those workshops that I am now offering to the community.