"Anti-Eviction" Protests

Cultural workers and other community members organize a protest against city-wide tenant evictions at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse.

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People gathered at the Los Angeles courthouse to demand the cancellation of rents. They have been affected by the pandemic and left without work. The community came together: there were vendors, people from different branches of work that were affected. They sang and there were faces of hope, the cars honked as they passed by in a show of support. They walked around the courthouse with banners, with messages saying "having a roof is a right". People raised their voices with chants accompanied by cultural groups and local musicians playing mariachi and son jarocho music.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
To tell you the truth, it gave me great emotion to see all the people united, the music of my community with songs of struggle in a mix with people raising their voices. We show part of our cultures even in social struggles. — Eva Garcia