Baudelio Gonzalez, single father

An interview with a community member and single dad, Baudelio Gonzalez.

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Framed photographs of Baudelio's children

Interviewed by his sister, Margarita, Baudelio talks about various aspects in his life and history: what his first job was and the obstacles he had to face when he arrived in the United States, how he came to live in the Boyle Heights community with his family, how difficult it was to end up on his own with his children as a single dad, and the activities he does with them during quarantine because of the pandemic.

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“How have your children been affected by being raised by a single parent?”
"It has affected them a lot. And although I have tried to seek help for them, of any kind ... but it did affect them a lot, and I don't know if they have already overcome it, but I have tried to give them what’s necessary for them to overcome all this trauma - that we have gone through; not just them, the four of us."