Community Caretakers: Blanca Espinoza

An interview with Blanca Espinoza, a mother of three children and a community organizer for Union de Vecinos (Neighbors Union) in Boyle Heights.

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From Eva Garcia: It was very important for me to do this interview because Boyle Heights has always identified itself as a community of struggle, where it has manifested itself when something is not right with the community. Mrs. Blanca, being a working housewife, has been able to develop as a person by supporting her community in different struggles voluntarily. She is currently an organizer with a non-profit organization,  Union de Vecinos. During this pandemic time she has had to work arduously supporting tenants who are at risk of being evicted. I was shocked to learn that there are cases of landlords who have beaten their tenants. That makes me sad because it reminds me of something similar that happened to me personally. I'm glad that housewives are developing themselves, and even more by supporting these just causes.

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"I love my community. I love the culture, the different nationalities we have, different languages ... We don't only find people from Mexico City, we can find people from El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Japan, China, Korea, all here in our city. Together we are like one whole. " - Blanca Espinoza