Local Businesses: Cake Girl

An interview with Cake Girl pastry shop co-owners, Amy Tam and Andy Fuentes

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Cake Girl is one of the local businesses in Boyle Heights that specializes in vegan and allergy-free pastries. Amy and Andy talk about their personal connections to the neighborhood of Boyle Heights; reflecting on the origins of their small pastry shop and how much they've witnessed their community change throughout the years. Andy, who was born and raised in Boyle Heights, shares his thoughts on what it means to open up a new business in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

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On gentrification in Boyle Heights:
"A lot of the things that I was foreshadowing happened. When I was about to leave was when they were about to open the goldline...and I'm like ' things are going to change once that goldline opens'...living here is not going to be cheap anymore..." — Andy