Carlos Ortez

Interview with Carlos Ortez, owner of Un Solo Sol in Boyle Heights

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“I interviewed Carlos because it was interesting to me how he came to this country as a migrant from El Salvador, how he overcomes many adversities; later how he pushed himself and went to college, defeating obstacles. In addition, he also likes to care for the environment: he studied naturism to care for health, and for this reason he now has a healthy food restaurant, in a poor community like Boyle Heights. Carlos supports the community to realize  projects for forgotten low-income people. It also caught my attention and I really appreciate how he offered free lunches in this pandemic to mariachis and people affected by COVID-19." - Eva Garcia

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
“We can move forward if the community participates...As the situation becomes more difficult, one must think more about the survival of the community...I think that’s what today’s message is.” - Carlos Ortez