"Decolonize My Love"

One of 10 songs commissioned for Sounds of California: Boyle Heights

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Lysa Flores is a first generation Xicana songwriter and guitarist born and raised in East Los Angeles where she is recognized as one of the early contributors of the areas exploding music scene in the 90’s. At 17 she started her career in music by joining the band The Longfields, during a time marked by political turmoil. Confronted with a surge in anti-immigrant efforts in California such as 1994's Prop 187, and feeling a sense of solidarity with the indigenous uprising of the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico in response to NAFTA, Chicano artists, musicians, actors and writers became more politicized and gave rise to a new sound of resistance. Lyfa eventually formed her own band in 1997 and has been performing throughout Southern California since. Lysa created her own East LA record label “Bring Your Love” in 1997. Through her artistry and performance, she has supported many cultural and community causes. Today, Lysa is an accomplished producer, actress, activist, and printmaker. 

“Decolonize My Love” is one of 10 songs commissioned for Sounds of California: Boyle Heights. Sounds of California: Boyle Heights is a project of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts in collaboration with the Community Power Collective, the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Radio Bilingüe and local residents to record, compose, present, and archive the local soundscape, focusing on themes of anti-displacement and belonging.

Rola del Día and the The Sounds of California: Boyle Heights project are supported by the California Arts Council and California Humanities.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What does this song mean to you?
With this song I wanted to explore the concept of Nepantla and Colonization. Do we have to stay in the in-between-ness? Can we reassess what power dynamics look like in our personal lives and challenge the behaviors in our relationships that mirror oppressors? Are we ready for transformation? As a Xicana Mama I also felt it was important to have children sing the chorus to connect to who and what is at stake if we do not transform our thoughts, our children and future generations.