Dia De Los Muertos

Community altar in remembrance of the Day of the Dead

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At the Los Angeles City Hall, there were several altars in commemoration of the dead, which is celebrated in November. Some Latinx communities believe November 1 is the day the souls of dead children come to visit, and  the adults who have passed away, visit on November 2. These traditions are celebrated annually and represent their importance for some Latin American countries. The altar shown was made by the hands of street vendors as well as people from the Boyle Heights community. It's beautiful that these traditions are alive and that communities are organized to remember their dead, not forgetting their roots, customs, even though these traditions were born in a different country.

On the altar there was a casserole with chili peppers and spices for the mole, a camping stove and comal with the corn roasting for pinol, as well as the chocolate, the flowers, the hat of a mariachi. This video is a brief representation of a tradition that has deep and significant roots in Southern Mexico especially.

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