DJ Ra Ra, Local Hip-Hop Artist

An interview with Raul Parga (aka DJ Ra Ra), a local hip-hop musician and long-time resident of Boyle Heights.

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Raul Parga (DJ Ra Ra) is one of the local Hip-Hop musicians of the neighborhood. Born and raised in Boyle Heights, Raul recounts his favorite places to visit, his most formative moments while growing up in the neighborhood, and where his passion for making music stems from. Martha Escudero interviews him in Prospect Park, a place that is filled with many warm memories that he still holds on to.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
When did you get into Hip-Hop music?
"When my brother passed away I kinda started getting more into Hip-Hop after that because it reminded me of him. One of my homies, a year before my brother passed away, showed me how to make beats because I always used to bang on tables when I was in school. He got me into making beats in 2009. I got into hip-hop because it reminds me of my brother and it's also something spiritual, something that was meant to be." - DJ Ra Ra