Escudero Family

Martha and her two daughters interview each other about their thoughts and experiences in Boyle Heights.

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Meztli and Victoria during their childhood in Boyle Heights.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What are you favorite smells/food of Boyle Heights?
"I like the street vendors. I feel that they're really important in Boyle Heights community. They're diverse, we have street vendors all day. We have tamales, atole in the mornings when they pass by..and I really miss champurado, I miss those smells. Sometimes they walk around, and sometimes they have set places. The churro man when he whistles, I really like that. He has a special whistle to call out his churros...the nieves de garrafa, the elotes, esquites, the ice cream person even. The street tacos are really good too." — Martha
How would you describe the sounds of Boyle Heights?
"Like cars, a lot of noise-- mostly just cars and different noises. But I really like when it's calm and it has bird sounds. Sometimes I go outside and me and my sister talk to the birds" — Meztli