Guillermina Quezada, Active Neighbor

Margarita Gonzalez interviews her local neighbor and long-time friend, Guillermina Quezada

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Materiales de su trabajo / Materials of her work. (Captured by Margarita Gonzalez, June 2020)

Guillermina Quezada, an active neighbor in the Boyle Heights community, is one of the many women who has an abundance of knowledge and care for her community. Margarita shares why she chose to interview her in this community project:  “I have known Guillermina for several years. She is a person who has always worked for her community, which is why I was interested in her life and the work she does. Listening to her life, I understand that she has inspired many people to get ahead.” 

During the interview, Guillermina  talks about her family upbringing, her dreams and aspirations, and some of her current hobbies and interests. During a visit to her home, Guillermina shows us how she uses internet radio to engage with the outside world during the pandemic, broadcasting music into an internet-based streaming platform through her computer, as well as the artisanal crafts that she likes to work on.

Guillermina was also interviewed at the Sounds of California: Boyle Heights Festival on October 16, 2021. You can watch the full interview here.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
How can we, as a community, organize and support one another mutually?
"We must first be empathetic and have the understanding that perhaps at this time we do not have the fortune to have a good position, be it economic, or perhaps emotional...But, one day we can change that position and have another range of opportunities. And our people say "if she could, I can". It takes understanding that together we can achieve things without discriminating and without forgetting where we come from, what we went through, and where we are. It takes making connections with our roots, our people, and our status."
"Each administration and each ruler--be it president, state ruler, or any politician in power--should recognize the power of each individual. Because each person contributes a little, or a lot, to this country and give it the place that deserves as an immigrant-- as an essential person--because we all take care. Any position we have, even a smile, helps an economy." (translated from spanish)