"Judson Street"

One of 10 songs commissioned for Sounds of California: Boyle Heights.

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La Marisoul was born Eva Marisol Hernandez in DTLA (downtown LA), the diverse and vibrant heart of Los Angeles. At an early age, she began to interpret various musical styles, ranging from traditional Mexican songs, romantic boleros, jazz classics and rock. Growing up part time in Mexico and the United States created the duality of American pop culture and the roots of traditional folkloric music, which helped shape her musical sensibility. 

While living in Los Angeles, she would perform outside the booth run by her family on Olvera Street--which eventually led her to meeting musician Jose “Pepe” Carlos, and the creation of their band, La Santa Cecilia. Their sound draws inspiration from all over the world, using Pan-American rhythms like rumba, bolero, cumbia, tango, jazz, rock and klezmer music. Over the last decade, they have won a grammy and have performed in some of L.A.’s iconic and historic venues, such as the previously mentioned Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Hollywood Bowl. 

After seven albums with La Santa Cecilia, La Marisoul released her first solo record in 2020. The album, “La Marisoul and The Love Notes Orchestra, Vol. 1,” is a collection of some of her favorite classic songs, such as the lead single “Un Telegrama,” made famous by Monna Bell, “Cómo Fue” by Benny Moré, and “Urge,” most famously interpreted by Vicente Fernandez.

“Judson Street” is one of 10 songs commissioned for Sounds of California: Boyle Heights. Sounds of California: Boyle Heights is a project of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts in collaboration with the Community Power Collective, the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Radio Bilingüe and local residents to record, compose, present, and archive the local soundscape, focusing on themes of anti-displacement and belonging.

Rola del Día and the The Sounds of California: Boyle Heights project are supported by the California Arts Council and California Humanities.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What inspired your song?
I wrote Judson Street inspired by my dear friend, Dominic and his band The California Feet Warmers. They are one of my favorite local LA bands. I loved catching them play around town and on occasion sharing the stage with them. I think its what I miss the most since the pandemic, playing live shows and jamming with my friends. I miss hanging out at the old Judson Street House.