Kassandra Cordova, Youth Organizer

Martha Escudero interviews Kassandra Cordova, an active organizer for the Invest in Youth Coalition. Recorded at the Sounds of California: Boyle Heights Festival (October 2021).

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Kassandra Cordova is an active community organizer and leader from East Los Angeles who is passionate about youth involvement in community organizing. She talks with Martha and Eva about how their involvement with nonprofits began and the story behind the Invest In Youth Coalition--an initiative that began in Boyle Heights and grew throughout Los Angeles County, dedicated to advocating for students in LAUSD's underserved and underfunded schools. Kassandra also shares her thoughts on the welcoming sights and sounds that she associates with the Boyle Heights community.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
How did the Invest in Youth Coalition start?
"We started as just the Eastside, really calling for funding for young folks. But then we realized that young folks aren't invested throughout the city of Los Angeles, even the County of Los Angeles. So we created the Invest In Youth Coalition and now it's citywide. We've fought for the implementation of positive youth development in young people. And through that, we were really calling for the city of L.A. to give a seat at the table to young people--these conversations were being held, but young people weren't part of them." - Kassandra Cordova
What sounds come to mind when you think of Boyle Heights?
"The sounds of Mariachi and corridos. I also think of the laughter of young folks walking down the street and talking to local vendors, the señoras who are always in the corners selling the food...I think Boyle Heights or East L.A. sounds like...hope." - Kassandra Cordova