Lupe Montiel, Writer & Filmmaker

Margarita Gonzalez interviews Lupe Montiel, a writer and filmmaker from LA's South Bay, at the Sounds of California: Boyle Heights Festival. Recorded at the Sounds of California: Boyle Heights Festival (October 2021).

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Lupe Montiel is community leader, writer, filmmaker, and former music industry executive who currently resides in LA County's South Bay. During her conversation with Margarita, she talks about the financial hardships her family faced in their first few years of living in Los Angeles during the 1970s, being enrolled in school at an early age, and working with Girls in Focus, a women-led production company that strives to provide educational mentorship opportunities to young female filmmakers.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What about Boyle Heights stands out to you?
"I think that the activists and organizers of Boyle Heights set an example for any community that wants to grow in various aspects such as the arts, housing, and healthcare. There is a lot of activism here and I think that many communities in the United States that are majority Latino can definitely learn from the way that this community is organized."