Children on Malabar Street

A conversation with Naima, Caty, and Autumn, children who live on Malabar Street in Boyle Heights

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Photos of Naima, Caty, Autumn, Victoria, and Metzli on Malabar Street in Boyle Heights.

Youth are some of the most imaginative, creative and insightful members in our neighborhood. It wouldn’t be possible to capture the complete essence of communities without their voices and their valuable knowledge. Martha Escudero and daughters Meztli and Victoria managed to record the thoughts of Naima, Caty and Autumn while attending an outdoor birthday celebration. They are all children who hang out on Malabar Street. Throughout the interview, Naima, Caty and Autumn are sitting on the steps of the house on Malabar Street and talking about their neighborhood. We learn about their favorite, and not so favorite, things about Boyle Heights.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
"I wanna have a peaceful neighborhood, I don't want there to be so much violence all the time." - Naima