Maricela Orrala, Local Musician

An interview with Maricela, a local musician from Boyle Heights.

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Maricela is an immigrant living in Boyle Heights. She loves music and has learned to play some instruments from local musicians. During her interview, Maricela talks about her family’s roots, their arrival in Boyle Heights, how the neighborhood has changed throughout the years, artistic influences, and what she thinks of the strength of her community and it’s willingness to move forward in a positive direction.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
How has COVID-19 changed Boyle Heights?
Less people out in the street. I go to the market, the lines are so short, they used to be so long. I don't see a lot of kids out...the school is here in the corner. I don't hear them screaming or yelling anymore, it's just quiet.
Any changes in Boyle Heights that you have noticed?
Ever since the gold line was built, I think it was 2009, things have been changing ever since. It kind of gave access to people from outside to come to Boyle Heights and things started changing from there. I started seeing businesses closing, I started seeing people moving away, rents getting more expensive.