MC Whyer, Local Artist

An interview with Alex Guillen (a.k.a. MC Whyer), a local artist from Boyle Heights.

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Martha interviews Alex Guillen (a.k.a. MC Whyer) who speaks about music, his favorite artists, and how Boyle Heights has influenced his work and approach on making hip-hop music. MC Whyer is a local artist who is passionate about seeing the beauty in his community and manifesting it through his art. While growing up in Boyle Heights, he has been able to witness how much it has changed over the years and shares his thoughts on the changes he would like to see in his community.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What are your favorite sounds of Boyle Heights?
"I like walking down the sidewalk on Chavez and seeing the different businesses. Hearing people cooking, hearing people talk, the conversations, hearing the street vendors passing by offering their products."
What are some things you think could improve about Boyle Heights?
"I think the local government needs to take a pay-cut and just flood the community with money. Government jobs for those folks that are thinking about switching over from different activities to better, more positive things. Government jobs for people. Government housing. Housing for a lot of the people...everybody in the streets---just put them in a hotel. We need to flood the streets with money. We need to build as many facilities that will help people have growth in their personal self. I think they need to pay artists to paint the city, to paint beautiful murals in all the gray areas." - MC Whyer