Quetzal Flores, Musician & Community Organizer

Interview with Quetzal Flores, a local musician and community organizer from Boyle Heights

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Quetzal is a Chicano Artivist born in Salinas, CA and raised in North East LA by social justice activists. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1976 so that they could be more in proximity to social movements and engage in community struggles. His first exposure to playing an instrument was at the age of 13 when his older brother brought home an electric guitar. In 1993, Quetzal founded the East Los Angeles based rock group Quetzal with fellow musicians he befriended. From the experiences generated through the band and community struggles, he has participated in multiple moments of radical transformation. Through the pedagogy and practice of collective songwriting, Quetzal utilizes his talent in music composition to engage his community in a critical and creative conversation. In this interview, Quetzal shares more about his upbringing, his journey of growth and transformation as a musician, and his current involvement in community organizing and grassroots movements. 

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights