Reclaiming Our Homes

Martha documents life with her children and fellow reclaimer Benito Flores in the “Reclaiming Our Homes” movement

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Photos of Benito, Metzli, and Victoria in their reclaimed homes.

Reclaiming Our Homes is a movement that believes that no one should be homeless when homes are empty. Benito Flores, along with Martha Escudero and her two daughters are community members who have been directly involved in this ongoing effort to challenge the City of Los Angeles's inability to maintain housing as a human right in the midst of a pandemic by reclaiming CalTrans owned homes in El Sereno, with community support to build land trusts. As the virus continues to ravage and disproportionately impact  low-income communities of color, community members involved in Reclaiming Our Homes have taken matters into their own hands by moving into the vacant houses. The people who need healthy and safe housing demand that all publicly-owned homes and land be made available to those who need it now.  With their efforts, they embody how the community can defend, take back, and rebuild autonomously. 

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"What is 'Reclaiming Our Homes'?"
“Reclaiming a home is an act of civil disobedience. When there are many vacant homes--3 vacant homes per unhoused person--it’s a very clear injustice created by the government itself. So we act in civil disobedience taking the vacant homes to make the problem public, so that the whole world knows.” - Benito Flores