Steezy K, Local Hip-Hop Artist

An interview with Steven Rea (aka Steezy K), a local hip-hop artist from Boyle Heights

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Steven Rea (a.k.a. Steezy K) is a local artist who has his roots in Boyle Heights. He hangs out near his family home in Prospect Park in Boyle Heights. Steezy K shares how he grew up here and always returns to visit family and make music. During the interview, he shares a bit about what kind of music and approaches to making art inspire him and what themes he likes to explore through his songwriting and production. He also highlights a song that he made in collaboration with his uncle, DJ Ra Ra, called “Streets of LA” and how they were able to create a great music video with only their iPhones.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What kind of music inspires you?
"I mean, there's a lot of artists that I listen to that inspire me, but there's only a couple that I really like to listen because of the things that they speak there's some people that are afraid to speak about love, or what they really want in life....because they don't want to put out that picture that they're not gangster, or they're not hard...they think being gangster is life, but it's really not...being smart is life." - Steezy K