Victor Montana, Local Neighbor

Martha Escudero interviews Victor Montana at the Boyle Heights Festival (October 2021).

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Martha interviews Victor Montana, a local resident who moved to Boyle Heights in 1954 after immigrating from Mexico with his family. During the conversation, Victor tries to describe the essence of his neighborhood, as well as the sounds that come to mind when he thinks of Boyle Heights.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
How would you describe Boyle Heights?
"One word that describes Boyle Heights is warmth. You have good people here, and you run into 'em all over the world. Um, I would have to say that despite all the turmoil that's going on in our nation at present, Boyle Heights is an area of tranquility and warmth."
What sounds do you associate with Boyle Heights?
"Usually sounds like the Mariachi Plaza, um, the, the sounds of people going to the panaderias, the people traveling just in the afternoons, you know. Oh, those are the sounds that I hear."