The Wilson Family

Local neighborhood couple Diana Mendoza and Renaldo Wilson share what it’s like to raise a family in Boyle Heights.

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Martha visited the Wilson family at their home during a birthday celebration for their daughter, Naila. There were neighbors, grandparents and friends present. 

In her interview with Martha, Diana talks about moving to different places during her childhood, how she eventually moved to Boyle Heights as an adult with her family. She talks about her personal favorite foods, sites, and sounds of her neighborhood. Diana also shares her thoughts on what her community in Boyle Heights can improve on and how things have changed since COVID. 

During his interview, Renaldo talks about his lived experiences in Boyle Heights as a Black man, along with his favorite and most challenging aspects about the neighborhood. He also shares some thoughts about what the community of Boyle Heights can do to make their Black neighbors feel more safe and welcomed in the neighborhood. 

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
What are your favorite sounds of Boyle Heights?
"We walked down to Wabash market. On our way back we heard so many parties and the different types of music. I'm actually an adjunct professor at Pacific Oats University and I was doing Mexican music. And the vast array of music from Mexico is huge and its cool walking around this neighborhood. You get to hear all the types of music I talk about on a daily basis." - Renaldo Wilson