Mariachi Food Distribution

Community sourced, food distribution initiatives to support struggling Mariachi musicians during the pandemic.

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Eva captures two efforts to support mariachis during the pandemic. Eva describes the distribution in Mariachi Plaza: "As the pandemic continued to affect many local communities throughout Los Angeles, mariachi musicians in Boyle Heights sought support during these difficult times. There were mariachis, and other community members present to show  solidarity and organize to support one another. I saw the enthusiasm of volunteers as they took the groceries to the cars of the people they were helping." 

Eva also interviews mariachi musicians gathering in line at Un Solo Sol, a local vegan restaurant that served as a center for mutual aid by organizing community food distribution initiatives for local Mariachi musicians during the pandemic. 

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
"We are a new mariachi organization here in Boyle Heights that wants to make a difference in our mariachi community and we seek help. Send help for our mariachis and we will distribute it here.” - Marisela Martinez (community volunteer and mariachi)