Mariachi Fundraiser

The Mariachi community of Boyle Heights and the Greater Los Angeles area come together for a live-streamed music performance to raise funds for local musicians affected by the pandemic.

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The safer at home orders and public health guidelines on social distancing took a severe toll on artists and performers across the city of Los Angeles. In response to these hardships, community members in Boyle Heights organized a live streamed mariachi concert to raise funds and financially support mariachis during the pandemic. The musicians featured in this event consisted of mariachis from Boyle Heights, as well as other neighboring cities and localities. In the video, a mariachi group sings a song about the immigrant experience and navigating xenophobia in the U.S.

ACTA · Sounds of CA - Boyle Heights
"This online concert was organized by Community Power Collective to raise funds and thus support mariachis financially during the pandemic. It inspired me that mariachis came from other places to support, along with the enthusiasm of the organizers. What really impacted me was listening to all the mariachis of Boyle Heights play their songs in unity. I felt the emotion of their unity and power. Listening to them play together gave me goosebumps. It was an exciting experience and knowing that together we can get ahead." -Eva Garcia