Police Brutality Protest

On May 30th, 2020, a protest ensues in Mariachi Plaza in response to the murder of George Floyd and many other victims impacted by police brutality and anti-blackness.

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The unrest that followed the virus of COVID-19 and the viral footage of Black death at the hands of white supremacy and state sanctioned violence managed to shake many communities across the country to their core. 2020 marked a time of deep reflection, introspection and action — it became a year that urged community members to stand in solidarity with their Black comrades by calling out and working through the anti-Blackness that has been perpetuated and upheld in their own communities.

On May 30th, a protest ensued in the heart of Boyle Heights, Mariachi Plaza, over the murder of George Floyd. Many Boyle Heights community members came together to express outrage against the injustice of police brutality and it’s disproportionate violence towards Black people. As this action was organized in the middle of the pandemic, organizers and community members ensured the wearing of masks to maintain safety and avoid jeopardizing the health of the community. 

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